Sale! Bamboo shower puff
Bamboo Shower Puff
A shower puff, in my humble opinion, is the best way to bring your handmade soap to a lather. Did you know that bringing your handmade soap to a fluffy lather with a shower puff saves your soap? Well, it does! You want your precious bar of soap to last as long as possible so treat it right. Soaptree Bodyworks sells the inexpensive synthetic shower puffs, but for some, an all natural product is preferred. At the HSCG conference I came across this wonderful Bamboo Shower Puff. They are amazingly soft and luxurious feeling. The fact that they are made of bamboo really excited me as I love how soft and hearty bamboo fibers are. Besides being soft and luxurious, these puffs can be washed with your towels (and it gets softer with every wash!) which is really important to eliminate any mold or bacteria. In case you are not aware, washing your shower puff, sea sponge or loofah regularly is really important as they harbor pathogens (eew!), so wash yours regularly. Another thing I love about these Bamboo Shower Puffs is that it's made from sustainable fibers. This is a great product for vegans and vegetarians.

Use and care of bath accessories

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Sale! Porcelain shaving bowl for solid shaving soap
Porcelain Shaving Bowl

Porcelain Shaving Bowl

What's old is new again. The art of wet shaving was all but gone with the introduction of canned shaving cream. Today's modern man is ingredient savvy and demands a high quality shaving product. The art of wet shaving has become very popular as evidenced by the multitude of shaving blogs and YouTube videos. Do you participate in the S.O.T.D.? (shave of the day). Men (and women for that matter) love a close comfortable shave. The best shave, in my opinion, is a wet shave with a solid shaving soap, brush and bowl. Bring back the art of the wet shave into your daily routine with this beautiful porcelain shaving bowl. Beauty, form and function for wet shaving. Soaptree solid shaving soap puck fits perfectly in this beautiful bowl. The Omega boar's hair brush is the perfect brush to use with a solid shaving soap. See video below for how to build a lather with a shaving bowl.
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Sale! Shower-puff
Nylon Shower Puff

Nylon Shower Puff

To enhance your experience, use a nylon shower puff to lather up your handmade soap. Did you know that using a shower puff conserves your soap? It's true! You use less soap and get a much better lather with a shower puff. You paid good money for a wonderful bar of handmade soap so don't waste it. An inexpensive shower puff is a good investment for saving your precious handmade soap. After each use, allow the nylon shower puff to dry completely. It's ideal to allow the shower puff to have enough airflow to dry between uses. Washing your puff weekly will help prevent bacteria and fungal growth. Toss the shower puff into a bra washing bag or a pillow case that is tied and add it to your regular wash. ** PLEASE NOTE: Handmade soap will last a longer and stronger if kept dry between uses. For best results use a draining Soap Dish.
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Sale! Soap-Net
Soap Net

Soap Net

Experience an invigorating wash while keeping your bar of soap intact and lasting until the very end! Use a Soap Net to exfoliate your skin and keep your precious handmade soap out of a puddle of water. A happy bar of soap is a dry bar of soap. These soap nets are handmade in the U.S. and are reusable and recyclable! Once your bar of soap is gone, just open up the pouch and insert a new bar. It's that easy! Why use a soap net? * Rinses clean * Dries quickly * Prolongs the life of your soap * Reusable and recyclable * Provide instant lather * Keep soap from slipping out of your hands * Massages your skin increasing circulation and removing dry surface cells
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Sale! soap-dish
Recycled Wood Soap Rest
3 inches by 4.125 inches by .75 inches thick Made with natural reclaimed hickory wood, an exceptionally hard and durable wood, ideal for a wood product that will be subject to water and moisture. Hickory also has beautiful colors that are typically light, but will vary from nearly white to dark chocolaty brown. These dishes have been meticulously hand sanded on all surfaces, edges and corners. Each top plank on the dish has been rounded over, making them very aesthetically pleasing to look at. The rounded over top planks also allows water to quickly drain completely through the dish and away from your soap so the soap lasts longer. These soap dishes have been finished on all surfaces, top, bottom and sides, with a semi-gloss spray finish. The finish on all surfaces protects wood from water penetration as well as enhances the wood's natural beautiful colors. This soap saver is an attractive addition to the bathroom and will pay for itself by saving your soap bars.
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