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Legs Shaving Soap

Legs Shaving Soap 3.5 oz for Women or Men who like to shave their legs. Whatever floats your boat!

Shaving is ritualistic for men who shave. Since they are shaving delicate facial skin, they are very particular about their shaving habits. But don't we also deserve a clean close shave ladies? I mean, seriously, we are shaving a bigger surface area and don't we want our legs looking and feeling great? There are so many wet shaving forums for men where they talk about their favorite products and techniques but there really isn't much out there for the ladies. It's time to demand a better shave (Ask to join the Ladies wet shaving group on Facebook). Use Legs Shaving Soap! Wet shaving with an old fashioned shaving soap, brush and bowl is just the ticket. Legs Shaving Soap will give you a clean close shave while providing slip and cushion. What is slip and cushion? The slip is how the razor slides against your skin. The product you use will either enhance or hinder the slip. More slip equals less irritation. The cushion is the barrier between the razor and your skin. Again, the product you use will affect this. More cushion equals less irritation, less nicks and cuts. Legs Shaving Soap provides both slip and cushion to your shave, plus it's moisturizing and free of harsh chemicals.
Not convinced yet?
Here is Why I Wet shave's review of my tallow shaving soap.
Why go through all the trouble?
I know what you're thinking, it's a lot of work to shave with a brush and bowl, but really it isn't! I shave once a week and it's really easy. It just takes a little practice and you'll be on your way. Not only is Legs Shaving Soap going to provide a better shave for you, it will also last longer than a can of shaving cream. One bar of shaving soap will last several months. My husband and I share a bar of shaving soap and we've been using the same bar for over 3 months. He shaves everyday and I shave once a week. For $8.99 a bar, that's a huge savings.
Shaving Brushes
You do need a shaving brush (you can get yours right here) or do what I do is borrow my husband's brush. There are several types to choose from: Badger hair, Boar's hair, synthetic and you may also find a horse hair brush. Boar's hair brushes are the most economical and readily available. The great thing about boar's hair is that it is a coarse hair that is ideal for a solid shaving soap and exfoliates the skin. The boar's hair brush I sell is $15 and has been conditioned. If you purchase a boar's hair brush elsewhere and it hasn't been conditioned, you will want to condition it before use. Unconditioned boar's hair brushes stink. Synthetic brushes are also good but a little more expensive. Badger hair brushes are the most luxurious and the most expensive.
You can use an old coffee mug to bring your shaving soap to a lather. I sell a nice porcelain shaving bowl but what you want in the shower is something with a handle.
You also will need a decent razor. If you are using one of those girly razors with the moisturizing strip, throw it away. What the razor makers don't tell you about those strips is that they actually clog the blades and your razor doesn't last as long. Get yourself a man's razor. I love my Gillette Hydro. It fits in my hand well and has a good weight to it. A good razor is really important to a clean close shave. After each use, rinse your razor well and dry it off on a towel. Keeping the blades dry between uses will prevent rust from developing which dulls the blade and nicks the skin. Ouch! I'm a firm believer that if I take good care of my razor it'll take good care of me.
Shaving other lady parts
Shaving your bikini area: One of the most problematic things with shaving the bikini area are the bumps (ingrown hairs). Ingrown hairs don't just happen with shaving but with waxing too. What's really important is to exfoliate this area daily to prevent ingrown hairs. This is yet another reason to use a boar's hair brush. The naturally firm bristles and split hairs exfoliate the skin. You can massage your bikini area daily with your boar's hair brush or use a salt or sugar scrub. You may also want to consider purchasing an ingrown hair serum (European Wax Center sells them). Now that you're all psyched up to wet shave, watch the video below on how to build a lather. Practice a little then go get 'em girl! Ingredients: Distilled water, Stearic acid, Beef tallow, Coconut oil, Potassium hydroxide, Mango seed butter, Glycerin, Sodium hydroxide, Castor seed oil, Fragrance, House made yogurt, Sodium Lactate, Tussah Silk. Legs Shaving Soap is wrapped in an environmentally friendly paper wrapper. Please recycle the wrapper. Handmade in small batches with high quality ingredients in a home kitchen with care and attention.

How to create a lather with a shaving brush and bowl.

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