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Oompah Loofah Foot Scrub Soap

Oompah Loofah Foot Scrub Soap 4 oz

If your special someone shies away from playing footsies with you, you might want to do something about it. Exfoliate your rough cracked feet with Oompah Loofah Foot Scrub Soap. Oompah Loofah Foot Scrub Soap will leave your feet looking and feeling great. What's so great about loofahs? Loofahs scrub away loose, dead skin. You can use Oompah Loofah daily until your feet are soft and smooth, then weekly to keep them that way. The essential oil blend of Lavender, Tea Tree and Geranium fights odor causing bacteria. If you have diabetic neuropathy, do use caution when exfoliating your feet. Neuropathy impairs the feeling in your feet. You could easily exfoliate too much, putting you at risk for infection. It's always best to consult your physician before you exfoliate. After you wash, do apply a moisturizer to your feet. Directions for use: Can be used in the shower or as a pedicure. It's best to soak your feet first to loosen the dead skin. In the shower, wash your feet last. This will give your feet time to absorb the water. Rub the loofah soap over all the rough areas of your feet. Rinse and pat dry. Apply lotion to keep your feet soft. Put on a pair of socks to prevent a fall.
What is a loofah?
There appears to be quite a lot of confusion about where loofahs come from. Unlike the natural sea sponge, loofah is a plant. Loofah is a genus of tropical and subtropical vines in the cucumber (Cucurbitaceae) family. In everyday non-technical usage, the luffa, also spelled loofah, usually means the fruit of the two species L. aegyptiaca and L. acutangula. The fruit of these species is cultivated and eaten as a vegetable. The fruit must be harvested at a young stage of development to be edible. The vegetable is popular in China and Vietnam.[2] When the fruit is fully ripened, it is very fibrous. The fully developed fruit is the source of the loofah scrubbing sponge which is used in bathrooms and kitchens. Source: Wikipedia Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin (Kosher, of Vegetable Origin), Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide (Saponifying Agent), Sorbitol (From Berries, Moisturizer), Sorbitan Oleate (Emulsifier), Soy Bean Protein (Conditioner), EDTA (Water Softener), Essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree and Geranium.
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