Omega Boar's Hair Shaving Brush
Omega Boar’s Hair Shaving Brush

Omega Boar's Hair Shaving Brush 10049

Why I like this Omega Boar's Hair Shaving Brush.
  1. It's a high quality brush made in Italy for professional barbers.
  2. It's been conditioned to jump start the break-in process. As with all animal hair brushes, boar's hair in particular, the break-in process can take up to two weeks. It is said that Boar's hair brushes that aren't conditioned stink for the first 15 or so shaves. This conditioning has eliminated some of the typical aroma from a fresh brush
  3. Boar's hair brushes exfoliate the skin. Unlike badger hair which is very soft, boar's hair helps to eliminate some of the ingrown hairs through exfoliation.
  4. It's affordable. No one should go broke buying a shaving brush. Boar's hair is actually less expensive than a synthetic fiber brush.
  5. Unlike badger hair, boar's are not killed just for their hair. I love animals and don't believe in killing an animal just for it's fur. Badgers are treated as pests in China and are exterminated 'supposedly' under regulation. Their hair is collected for shaving brushes.
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Porcelain shaving bowl for solid shaving soap
Porcelain Shaving Bowl

Porcelain Shaving Bowl

What's old is new again. The art of wet shaving was all but gone with the introduction of canned shaving cream. Today's modern man is ingredient savvy and demands a high quality shaving product. The art of wet shaving has become very popular as evidenced by the multitude of shaving blogs and YouTube videos. Do you participate in the S.O.T.D.? (shave of the day). Men (and women for that matter) love a close comfortable shave. The best shave, in my opinion, is a wet shave with a solid shaving soap, brush and bowl. Bring back the art of the wet shave into your daily routine with this beautiful porcelain shaving bowl. Beauty, form and function for wet shaving. Soaptree solid shaving soap puck fits perfectly in this beautiful bowl. The Omega boar's hair brush is the perfect brush to use with a solid shaving soap. See video below for how to build a lather with a shaving bowl.
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